Modern Android Design Links

Action Bar

Official Design Guidelines – Action Bar

Navigation Patterns & Drawer

Google I/O 2013 – Structure in Android App Design

Google I/O 2013 – Android Design for UI Developers

ADiA – Navigation Drawer Deep Dive

Official Design Guidelines – Navigation Drawer Pattern

Official Developer Site – Navigation Drawer Implementation Training Class

Official Developer Site – Designing Effective Navigation

Official Developer Site – Implementing Effective Navigation

Fading Action Bar

Google Play Music

Sample Implementation by Cyril Mottier

Swipe to Refresh

Sample Implementation by Chris Banes


ADiA – Google Play Redesign

G+ Post by Nick Butcher with some additional links regarding Googles evolving design

Google I/O 2013 – Android Design for UI Developers

ADiA – Responsive Design

Android Developer Blog – Designing for Tablets

Official Developer Site – Designing for Multiple Screens

Official Design Guidelines

Official Design Guidelines – Pure Android

ADiA – Backward Compatible Design (for pre-ICS Holo design)

Sample of Community Design Tools and Libraries

Android Action Bar Style Generator – quickly generate a base Action Bar theme

Android Holo Colors Generator – quickly generate holo themes for other UI components

ActionBarSherlock – popular backport of system Action Bar to pre-Honeycomb


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